Trader Joe’s Grocery Haul

I am a Trader Joe’s Junkie. No ifs ands or buts about it. We only have one Trader Joe’s here in Delaware, and it’s a good half hour drive from me, but a couple of times a month, I make the trek to stock up on some of my WW Must Haves. Today I also decided to try some new things I had seen in some others’ grocery hauls this week.

First of all, being dairy and gluten free means finding good substitutes for the cheese and carbs I love is challenging. I have tried lots of different products only to be disappointed, but some of the gluten free and dairy free products from Trader Joe’s really hit it on the head for me. Today I picked up their pretzel twists, which are 4 Smart Points for 23 and make a good snack when I’m craving something salty. I also love their gluten free crisp breads, which you will find making an appearance in my meal plan this week. I adore their vegan cheeses because they taste most like real cheese to me – and I picked up their almond mozzarella shreds (1 Smart Point for 1/4c), and their soy cheese blend which is 2 Smart Points for 1 ounce. I grabbed my favorite coconut creamer (0 Smart Points per Tablespoon). And of course, I grabbed some lunch meat and uncured turkey bacon. A new find this week is the Everything But the Bagel Smoked Salmon. It is 1 Smart Point for 2 slices. I’ll have that with some of my breakfasts this week.

We go through TONS of produce on a weekly basis. I picked up two packages of their portobello mushrooms which will make not one, but two appearances in my meal plan this week. I also grabbed some summer squash because the squirrels have had a field day with mine and I have only gotten to harvest ONE from my garden this summer. I also grabbed some bananas, baby carrots (which I love to snack on), and some of TJ’s dried fruit. I am controversial when it comes to dried fruit in that if there is no added sugar, I don’t count any points. I mean, it is just fruit. I totally understand that eating regular fruit is more filling, but what can I say? I’m a rebel. I don’t count it in my protein shakes either. What can I say other than Your Mileage May Vary, and see how it affects you. I picked up some yummy cherries too. Fruit and veggies are some of our staple snacks around here, and we go through a ton.

Finally, I grabbed some apples, a cantaloupe, vidalia onions, and a Gaia melon. If you haven’t tried a gaia melon, you must. It is delicious. It tastes like a super sweet cantaloupe. Finally, I picked up a box of Trader Joe’s Quinoa cereal. It is 5 Smart Points per cup. Also, please ignore the cat hair under the table. I promise you I cleaned the house – but we had just gotten back from Virginia. The cat hair has since been swept up!

What are some of your favorite Trader Joe Must Haves?

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