I generally do meal prep on Sundays, but tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter than today (if that is even possible). So I got a head start today by getting the cooking out of the way.

I have been on the Struggle Bus lately. Plateaued, binging, and all around not eating well. I am struggling with how much food, what kind of food, etc. I attribute a lot of it to my LACK of meal prep. I am refocusing in an effort to pass of my struggle bus license on to someone else.

A lot of my issues with meal prep have been the heat and not having a plan. Plus, when I was prepping the same meals for every day of the week, my boredom kicked in big time. While I did prep the same breakfasts for this week, I have decided to shake up my lunches and have some different snack options that don’t revolve so much around carbs. Carbs are the devil.

My plans this week include a breakfast casserole cooked in the Instant Pot, as well as chicken taco salads a few days this week. Plus, I have been on a turkey kick, so I got some yummy Boars Head Oven Roasted Turkey this week (0 Smart Points).

Another issue I have recognized is that while I am tracking zero point foods, I am not measuring them. My bad. Zero points does not mean zero calories. Yeah. Need to remember that one. I don’t measure veggies. But, I have failed to measure fruit, and I am eating a lot of it.

And weekends have been a struggle with beer. Sigh.

So, this next week I am grabbing by the horns.

I will post recipes separately, but here is what I prepped today.

I made a breakfast casserole with turkey bacon, cauliflower, peppers, soy cheese and eggs. I made air fryer potatos to have on the side, and will have some fruit. Breakfasts will be 5 Smart Points. Plus I will do my protein shakes on workout days.

I made chicken taco meat for lunches (three days this week). 0 Smart Points, 4oz of chicken and zero point taco sauce.

I boiled some eggs in the instant pot using the 5 5 5 method. If you aren’t familiar, and have never boiled eggs in your instant pot, you are missing out. Easy to peel, perfect eggs every single time. I will do a separate post on this, but you place a cup of water in the instant pot. Place in your trivet, and put in the eggs. Seal. Cook on manual for 5 minutes (some use steam, but they come out too soft for me). Natural release 5 minutes. Then place in an ice bath for 5 minutes. Easy peasey.

I chopped up veggies for my chicken sausage and marinara over zoodles.

I cleaned corn for the week.

And I cut up a canteloupe.

Tomorrow I will put together some 2 Smart Point Snack boxes, and I wi have a good head start on the week.

Tomorrow is weigh in. I am expecting a gain but this will be my turn aound.

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