I have been plateaued all summer. Up two, down two, and then up two again. In the past, I would have quit WW, blaming the program. But today I got myself to my workshop.

The discussion topic truly hit home today for a few reasons. It had to do with boredom, focusing on mindless eating when we were bored, but I think in my case, other factors are in place. We discussed ways to deal with boredom and pausing before we eat to make sure we were truly hungry and not bored.

I am very routine. When I meal planned and prepped regularly, I would make the same thing for at least 5 days a week. That can get boring. So I got away from it.

And yes, I do eat out of boredom.

What I think I have learned is that I need routine in the form of meal prep and planning, but I also need variety. I can’t eat the same thing five days in a row.

Other things I realize is that I have not been 100% honest in tracking my food. I am not weighing/measuring my zero point foods.

I am recommitting this week. I have planned my week, and have prepped. And I realize how much I need my Sunday Squad.

We will see how this week works out. Wish me luck!

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