At the end of each of our WW Workshops, our Coach Cathy reads us a quote. This was the quote she shared yesterday, and it really spoke to me. I know I have gotten bored in my routine. Which is funny, because our routine is supposed to take guess work out of the way.

When I get bored I get frustrated with things, and rebel against my routine. It is a double edged sword.

In my effort to restart and bust my plateau, I have both reintroduced my routine, but am shaking it up a bit as well.

For instance…I workout Monday through Friday (while still getting SOME activity on Saturday and Sunday). But my workouts got into a rut. Legs and Core Monday. Arms Tueday. Core, chest and back Wednesday. Legs and Abs Thursday. Arms Friday. Cardio was always walking on my home workout days, and treadmill at the gym.

This morning I shook things up and broke out my 21 Day Fix Extreme DVD. And I introduced it to the mix. And I am FEEEEEELING IT.

I will shake up the gym this week too…introduce some new cardio. Some different machines. Challenge my weight routine.

I have also shaken up my meal plan for the week. I am not eating the same thing every day. I have tried some new recipes. I have planned to alternate lunches.

Let’s see how this shakes out this week!

How do you handle boredom? Are you a routine person? Do you follow a plan? Tell me in the comments!

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