There is always some debate on the perfect crab cake. Many add filler. Or chopped bell peppers. Or even onion.

But we keep it simple here in the Guerrero household.

A perfect crabcake here has just a few ingredients. The fewer ingredients, the better to shine on the star of the show…crab!

To make the perfect crabcake, you will need:

1 pound of lump crab…we prefer back fin, and sift through it with your hands to remove any pieces of shell. Fake crab in any form, or canned crab…well, just say no.

3 tablespoons of mayo. Light mayo is fine. Miracle Whip is a sin in any form.

Parsley…both fresh and dried are accpetable.

Old Bay Seasoning…to taste. I generally just shake it in there…we like them spicier.

Fold the ingredients into the crab until incorporated and make into 4oz patties.

Do not bread these patties. Not needed.

To cook your cakes, you can broil them, pan fry, or air fry. Whatever floats your boat. We generally pan fry to get a crispy exterior.

A good crab cake requires no sauce. My husband prefers his on hamburger or sandwich buns with just a bit of mayo and lettuce. I eat mine on lettuce.

If you make these with regular mayo. It is 2 Smart Points per cake. Light mayo yields you 1 Smart Point per cake.

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