Our dinner is pretty simple tonight, but we did use some of our favorite things. I thought I would do a regular series of some of my favorites here to share with you!

We had pork chops, sweet potato fries and sauted veggies. Pretty simple! Dinner was a total of 10 Smart Points.

First, let’s talk about these rubs from Java Momma Inc. I have three. One is Tangerine and Hibiscus Tea. One is a Smoked Tea Rub. And this one is an espresso rub. Full disclosure I am a Java Momma Barista.

They are delicious. I have used them on pork, fish, steak, and chicken. The Smoked one has an amazing BBQ flavor. The tangerine and hibiscus is yummy on fish. And this Espresso rub has a deep, rich taste. Just sprinkle it on and cook as you see fit!

Next on my list is favorites is Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato Frites. These are YUMMY. I always have a bag or two of these in the freezer. They are the perfect frozen fry. Throw them in the air fryer and they come out crisp and perfect! Every time! 1c of fries is 6 Smart Points (half a cup is 3 Smart Points).

Next up on my list of favorites is Umami Seasoning from Trader Joe’s. This seasoning enhances your taste buds and plays on all the sides of your mouth…salty, spicy, and yummy. I eat it on eggs, on veggies or meat, even sprinkled on watermelon!

Tonight I used it on one of our favorite summer sides – summer squash with fresh corn and onions. Which I guess qualifies as a “recipe.”

I use yellow and green squash. Sliced into rounds. Brag moment…that yellow squash came from my garden!

I cut the kernals off of one ear of corn and slice half an onion.

Then I add it to my preheated wok (another one of my Favorite things from Pampered Chef). Season with the Umami seasoning.

Finally, let’s talk about Trader Joe’s Island Salsa. 2 Tablespoons as just 1 Smart Point.

This is an amazing salsa! Mango, pineapple and red jalepeños are the perfect mix! It is a favorite of ours to eat on fish, chicken and pork. Or chips. Or a salad. Or a spoon. Whatever.

Here is our final dinner!

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