We love dessert. <Insert your snarky comments here because of course we love dessert>. But finding low Smart Point Desserts that aren’t full of artificial crap is hard. Especially since I can’t have stuff with milk in it.

Just this year we discovered the wonder of grilled and air fried fruit. Yeah, I know. Late to the party. 😂

We finally have our air conditioner fixed, but we are still reluctant to cook in the house when it is so hot outside, so we tend to grill a lot.

Tonight, we had planned for a steak dinner. Originally it was going to be a steak dinner at the beach, but we decided to stay home this weekend. No need to change dinner plans though.

When I did the shopping tonight, our local grocery had local peaches and plums on sale. So I grabbed some for the week. I decided to go ahead and grill some up for dinner.

Grilling fruit brings out natural sweetness and the charred taste just gives it a caramelized yum. And it is so easy.

First, I prepped my fruit by slicing 2 peaches and two plums in half and removing the pits.

I keep a homemade blend of “cinnamon sugar” made up all the time. I use Lakatano Monk Fruit Sweetener. It is zero smart points, and tastes and acts like real sugar.

I mix it with cinnamon and keep a container on my counter. Because who doesn’t love cinnamon sugar?

I flip the fruit over so it is skin side up and spray it with nonstick spray. Then I am generous with the cinnamon sugar.

I flip the fruit back over, and spray it with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Spray and then more cinnamon sugar.

Then I put it flesh side down on a hot grill.

Let it cook for about three minutes over medium high heat. Then flip it.

Mmmm. Grill marks.

Cook another three minutes and boom…delicious, zero Smart Point dessert. You can also add a little fat free Reddi Whip or Almond Milk Reddi Whip for Zero points. I eat mine plain jane.

Here is our full dinner, which was 6 Smart Points total.

So yummy!

You can grill just about any fruit. Although I would use a grill pan for small fruits like blueberries and grapes.

What’s your favorite low point summer dessert?

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