Weekly Meal Plan: 7/28/19

It is time once again to do my weekly meal plan. It really helped me stay on track this week and I am feeling much more confident going into weigh in this weekend.

I am TRYING to clean out my freezer, so I wanted to take advantage of some things we already have. And we switched up our planned beach weekend from this weekend to next weekend, so I moved some things around

I git really bored with my egg casserole this week, so I am planning some different things for breakfast to aleviate my boredom.

So, here is the dinner plans for next week.

  • Sunday – Taco Stuffed Peppers. Can you tell we are Taco fanatics?
  • Monday – Turkey, Tomato and parmesan polenta pockets
  • Tuesday – pork chops, mashed cauliflower and lima beans
  • Wednesday – Shrimp Fried Rice
  • Thursday – Pork Egg Roll in a Bowl
  • Friday – Turkey Franks and Chips (we are going to the beach)
  • Saturday – seafood and corn

Recipes to follow!

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