Weekly Weigh In and Spontaneous Activity

So, last week’s meeting stuck with me through this week, and I really believe that changing up my routine helped. So, I will stick with that direction and hopefully when I weigh in again in 2 weeks, I will FINALLY be back in Onederland. I truly believe that a routine is good for me, but focusing on having a plan with variety, and shaking up my exercise was what my body and brain both needed.

Today’s WW Workshop was a good one. It was about getting outside for activity, and really focusing on your surroundings. Our WW Coach had us all go out to the parking lot and find one thing in nature that interested or inspired us. We all marched out like a bunch of giddy fifth graders on a field trip. One lady brought back an entire plant. I grabbed a mushroom…not sure why…haha. The point was, when we go outside for spontaneous activity, without our phones or distractions, it is less like work and really inspiring.

I know that I feel totally different when I am out walking with the dog versus slogging on the treadmill. Getting out for a walk, or a bike ride, and being spontaneous. Something I will have to work on this week.

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