I’d like to say I start August like this…

But to be honest, it’s more like this…

I try to set goals for myself every month, and with WW, lately it has always been to hit Onederland. But I think I may be self sabotaging. So we are focusing on the how instead of the what this month, and I am including some self care goals.

Let’s talk about them…shall we?

First, one of my Instagram and YouTube WW crushes Louise Lane is doing the #feelgoodaugust challenge on Insta this month (she is ww_louiselane on Insta). Every day, you are supposed to do something regarding self-care. I LOVE this challenge because I am all about the self care thang as a former Perfectly Posh Influencer, so I am all over this one. FYI, give her a subscribe because she is awesome! I will be using this to track.

Second, I plan on keeping up my 5 days a week workouts. But I am going to shake them up a bit. Stagnant means getting stuck and lord knows I have been stuck all summer.

Water water everywhere. 80oz per day. Most days I am awesome at this. But I need to work on it.

I am going low carb in August. I will stick to my points, but eliminating some of the starchier and higher glycemic index foods.

10,000 steps per day! I do great at this during the week, but my weekends suffer.

I want to incorporate more meditation and taking in my surroundings. Less screen time and more me time, which all ties into #feelgoodaugust

Finally, I am doing the 30 day plank challenge. Help. Me. Jesus. Me and core hate each other.

I plan on focusing more on me and life this month. It is the last month of summer and I want to soak it in!

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