A long long time ago, in a Galaxy Far Far away…WW was known as Weight Watchers. I went to my first Weight Watchers Meeting when I was eight years old.

Yes, 8.

I was already obese.

Cute. Adorable. And obese.

Ok. I wasn’t quite 8 here. But you can still see the chonk.

Anyway…way back in the 70s, you could NOT have whatever you wanted on Weight Watchers like we do today. Food was “Legal” or “Illegal.”

Pizza, was Illegal.

Also, you have to eat liver twice a week. We hated liver. My mom would sneak it into things. No wonder I have trust issues.


But I digress.

You learned to get creative. To find ways to make “legal” food alternatives to the Illegal ones.

Like pizza.

To make “Weight Watcher” pizza, you would toast a piece of “diet” bread (which tasted like bark) with sliced tomato and a one ounce piece of cheese. This counted as 1 Bread, 1 Veg, and 1 Protein.

Today, if we want a piece of pizza on WW, we can have it. We just count the Smart Points. Or we make 2 Ingredient Dough. Or use Cauliflower Crust. Or or or…

But being lactose intolerant, pizza cheese and me, well, we don’t play well together in the sandbox. And tonight, even though we planned grilled pork chops, it is pouring rain, and I am tired.

So I made good, old fashioned Weight Watchers pizza. Only I used low carb bread, a fresh home grown tomato, and Go Veggie Cheese shreds. Meaning I still had pizza. And memories.

What are some of your recipe hacks and short cuts?

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