I learned months ago that I need my weekly workshop in order to be successful at weightloss and maintaining healthy habits. The responsibility of checking in with my squad keeps me on track, even during weeks that I get off track.

I am a slow loser. Like, super slow. But that is ok. My body has made changes, and I am learning to put myself first. Because that’s what I need – to make myself a priority. Too often, people like to use me to vent. And I get it. But as a result, I tend to bottle up my own feelings, which manifests in anxiety and frustration. Which leads to binging.

This weeks workshop topic is one I struggle with. Sleep.

Obviously, getting enough sleep is vital for everything. Not enough sleep and being overtired leads us to make “easier” choices…or choices that aren’t as healthy. It tends to lead us to overeat.

This is going to be my challenge this week. I do not get enough sleep. My game plan is to start a nightly bath and then powering off around 7:30. No screens. Just relaxing. We will see how that works.

I have been using melatonin to help fall asleep, but I have problems staying asleep. So let’s see how this week goes.

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