Last week I did a blog post about what I eat in a typical day on a work from home day, but today, let’s talk about how I handle things in the work environment!

I wake up at 3:45am and immediately have a glass of water with my thyroid meds. No pic was taken because no one on earth needs to see me at 3:45am.

Then I work out…home routine. Today started with a plank, and then Leg Day.

Followed up with a bottle of water.

And then it is time for my magical “Be Nice to People” potion. My coffee is 1 Smart Point today as I am out of my coconut creamer. I used Natural Bliss Honey Cream…1 tbsp is 1 Smart Point. Plus 1 ounce of Evolve plant based protein. Total of 35 calories. Here is hoping the lactose in the cream doesn’t make things difficult today.

Jamming out for my drive in. Felt like country today.

Breakfast happens when I get to the office, usually around 7am.

Today I have my Blueberry Baked Oatmeal (3 Smart Points), 1 tablespoon of Nonfat Greek Yogurt mixed with 1 tsp of honey to pour on top (1 Smart Point), and 1c of canteloupe (0 Smart Points). This is approximately 225 calories.

I also have 16oz of water and I am trying a sample of Perfectly Posh So Perky Drink Sticks (sent to me by a friend).

At 10:30 it is snack time! A banana…0 Smart Points and 90 calories.

12:30 is lunch.

Today I had oven roasted turkey (0 Smart Points) with Lettuce and Tomato (0 Smart Points) on an Everything Bagel Thin (3 Smart Points), some cucumber slices and a bag of Veggie Straws (4 Smart Points). And more water! Total calories for lunch is 346.

Snack time around 3pm!

1 cup of grapes and 2 of my zucchini muffins (3 Smart Points). I did.not finish the grapes. 218 calories.

I get home around 4:15, and pack lunches for tomorrow. In full honesty, I ate a handful of Cheetos while packing my husband’s lunch. 5 Smart Points. 150 calories.

Dinner at 5:45.

My eyes were bigger than my stomach. What started out being an 11 Smart Point dinner ended being 5 Smart Points and 271 Calories. I had 4 Trader Joe’s Pork Gyoza (4 Smart Points). The sauce was too salty for me, so I gave it to my hubby. I ate about 1/4c of the rice (1 Smart Point) and half a cup of succotash (0 Smart Points). These gyoza are so yummy!!

Dessert at 7pm.

2 rice cakes (2 Smart Points), 2 tablespoons of Great Value Peanut Butter Powder mixed with cocoa powder (1 Smart Point), and half a small banana (0 Smart Points)…a total of 165 calories. Plus the last 16oz of water.

Total Daily Smart Points is 28 (Blue Dot number three this week!) And a total of 1512 calories for my day!

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