First things first…today was a BIG day. Today, ya girl found her way back to ONEderland!! 198.4 Baby!!

This is a big deal. I have been working towards it all summer, but my head was up my ass and I was doing a lot of self sabotaging. This week I finally got out of my own way. And Boooomshakala!

In other news, today’s workshop was about having a plan for quick, easy meals. If you have go to meals that are quick and easy to throw together, you are much more likely to stick to plan, and not eat everything that’s not nailed down on busy nights, or eat out.

Now I have meal prepped my entire WW journey. Since the very beginning, Meal Prep and Meal Planning have been the cornerstone of what has worked for me. So this topic was my THING. I find having things pre- chopped and measured keep me from getting overwhelmed when dinner rolls around, or when I have to pack lunch.

And since it is Sunday…guess what I did today! Meal Prep! #ifitssundayitsmealprep

I didn’t post my meal plan for this week easier because it is a short week for us. We are on vacation next weekend, starting Thursday night, so my plan is basically for just four days….but here we go.

Breakfasts, I prepped my Hashbrown Casserole which was in the previous post. I did make enough so that two days I will have some for breakfast at the beach.

Lunches, I did a quick and easy Chicken burrito bowl with taco seasoned chicken, Rice, black beans, corn, peppers, onions and tomatos. I will have this with salsa, and guac. The entire bowl will be 4 Smart Points.

Tonight, we are having The Pound Dropper’s Skinny Orange Chicken provided my Amazon Order shows up. It has my sugar free marmalade. We are having it with Easy Fried Rice and stir fried veggies.

I prepped the rice and since this makes 6 servings, we will have leftovers tomorrow with Trader Joe’s Chicken Pot Stickers.

Tuesday we are having grilled pork chops, corn and air fryer potatos. No prep necessary since everything is pretty much grab and go.

Wednesday we are having Asian Glazed Salmon with air fryer sweet potatos and stir fried veggies.

I also prepped fruit for the week…strawberries and canteloupe.

I chopped up grab and go veggies for snacks this week but didn’t take a pic.

Thursday night we will have sandwiches on the road (prepacked). Friday will be our splurge at the beach. Fresh seafood and corn. Saturday and Sunday will likely be grilled chicken or London Broil. Easy peasy beach food.

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