Bob and I are going on a mini vacation for the Labor Day weekend to our place in VA. Full transparency, WW tends to go out the door when we go, but I am going in with a plan this time.

I am sure by now I don’t have to tell you all again that I am a list maker. So I planned our meals through the weekend and did some prep this morning to help us stay on track. Well, by US I mean ME.

My Sous Chef came to assist me in the kitchen. Sigh.

First, I made my Blueberry Baked Oatmeal but since I didn’t have enough blueberries, and I had some strawberries I didn’t want to go bad, I added them in with the Blueberries. I also subbed the regular Monk Fruit Sweetener with the golden.

I prepped that out with little cups of yogurt and Honey and will have it with some fruit.

I also had to test it….lol. It is yummy.

All that yumminess for 5 Smart Points, including the creamer in my coffee.

Lunches are usually hard for me down there. My hubby loves to have hotdogs for lunch, but my tummy never has handled them well. I went ahead and made myself some tuna salad for lunches and will have 1 portion for my dinner tonight.

I will have that on a Skinny Thin from Aldi’s for an additional 2 Smart Points wth lettuce and tomato.

Dinners will be:

Tonight – sandwiches in the car

Tomorrow – steamed clams and shrimp with corn

Saturday – burgers

Sunday – chicken, veggies and potatos

I am.packing plenty of veggies and fruit, and I have pre-portioned pretzels for snacks. And I plan to save some to poinst to indulge in some adult beverages.

I will try to check in over the weekend to let you know how it goes!

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