I was not in a great place this morning. I was considering taking a Social Media Break because I felt that my journey may be becoming too much of a personality instead of being PERSONAL. My #weightlossjourney is just that…personal. I felt like I was just churning out the expected food and exercise pics. But…

I had blood work done for my endocrinologist appointment this week. Now, for the 10 years since my gastric bypass, my HGB A1C (the average of my glucose levels over a period of time) has ranged between 7 and 6. Which is good, considering prior to surgery, I was at 14. Which is bad. The rest of my blood work with the exception of my thyroid has been on the high side of normal.

I have been on WW since January. With consistent nutrition and exercise, my HGBA1C is 5.6. This is RIGHT SMACK DAB IN THE MIDDLE of the normal range. And the lowest it has ever been. Ever. I am nearly off allllllll of the meds I took for comorbidities (I will always have to take metoprolol and thyroid meds).

So, while I might be the Queen of the turtle loser club, WW is proving to me that this lifestyle is sustainable and effective. And I have renewed motivation.

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