I prepped some yummy stuff for the week today! I started off with making a yummy fall treat, The Pound Dropper’s Apple Cider Donuts which are just 2 Smart Points Each. You need to try these! Yummy and satisfying and perfect for Fall!

I made a quick and easy quiche with spinach, turkey sausage, and Go Veggie Cheddar Shreds.

This was easy to make! I sprayed a pie plate with nonstick spray, and used a can of low fat crescent roll dough to line the pan like pie crust. You kind of have to shape it to fit, but it will be covered in eggs and veggies and cheese, so it doesn’t have to be pretty. I then layered in 1/2c of Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Crumbles, and 1 package of steam in bag frozen spinach that had been cooked and drained. Then I beat 8 eggs with salt and pepper, and poured it on top. I topped it with 1/2c of Go Veggie cheddar shreds. I baked the whole thing at 375 for about 35 minutes. It made 8 servings at 4 Smart Points per serving.

After my WW Workshop, I came home and roasted a butternut squash.

When it was cool, I peeled it and mashed it with Lakanto Golden Monk Fruit Sweetener, cinnamon, and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Spray. We will have it this week as a side.

I made a pot of turkey chili for lunches. This will be for both myself and my husband.

I cooked a chicken breast in the instant pot with 1 can of rotel and some taco seasoning to make chicken burrito bowls this week.

And of course had to make some homemade guac.

And finally, for a chocolatey treat, I made some brownies. This is an easy peasy recipe!

Just 2 ingredients…1 box of sugar free brownie mix, and 1 can of pumpkin puree. Mix the two together. I baked it in my brownie pan (all edges!!) at 375 for 35 minutes.

These came out to 3 Smart Points each.

Finally, today was our 12th Anniversary!

For dinner tonight we had steak and baked potato. All planned and tracked and delicious. I had a brownie topped with PB Fit, half a banana, and coconut whipped cream for dessert (4 Smart Points).

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