In case you haven’t heard, WW is rolling out it’s new plan tomorrow, and because I attend the workshop on Sundays, we got all the info today! The program will officially roll out tomorrow (November 11), but here are the details.

There will be three choices in managing your healthy eating habits. For all three programs, you will still get a daily Smart Point allowance, PLUS weeklies. You will still be able to roll over daily points (up to 4). You will still earn Fit Points. All three programs will have zero points foods (remember, they aren’t FREE!)

The first program is the Green Program. This program is the most restrictive when it comes to Zero Point foods. You get 100+ Zero Point Foods, which include fruits and non starchy veggies, PLUS a larger daily allowance of Smart Points to spend on foods you love.

With the Blue Program, you will get a smaller daily Smart Point allowance, plus over 200 Zero Point foods, including fruits, veggies, eggs, lean protein, beans and legumes, meat alternatives like tofu, and Nonfat yogurt and Greek Yogurt. This plan is lost similar to the Freestyle Program.

Finally, with the Purple Program, you get the smallest daily Smart Points allowance, but over 300 Foods on the Zer Points list, including whole wheat pasta and grains, as well as potatos.

I am excited to start and am going to give the Green plan a try! What parts excite you? Which plan are you going to do?

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