During yesterday’s WW Workshop, after feeling sorry for myself for a nanosecond on my weight gain, which was not unexpected given I had eaten my weight in cookie dough the day before, we discussed how to handle the holiday parties, dinners and celebrations that inevitably pop up this time of year.

Celebrating the holidays and making yourself and your health a priority can be hard. Let’s face it. The holidays are super emotional. Most of the food we eat are tied to memories. Family is present which can run us through the whole gambit of emotions. Work parties can be stressful. And let’s not forget the booze. And cookies. And fudge. And food pushers (who are often ourselves). And for many, feeling lonely or depressed at the holidays can lead to binge eating and making bad choices.

We discussed strategies for getting through these times, like bringing our own dish, or hosting, or filling up beforehand on zero point foods.

One thing we didn’t discuss was celebrating the victories in these moments, and that’s what I think I want to focus on for the next few weeks. Forgiving myself for enjoying the moment, and celebrating those HoliYays. Let me ‘splain.

Yay! I had a cookie. But I didn’t have 50 cookies.

Yay! I am surrounded by people I love! And I tracked that glass of wine!

Yay! Someone brought a fruit plate!

Yay! I look amazing in these pants!

Yay! I enjoyed my day. And tomorrow is a new one.

Yay! My husband said I look good!

My plan for the holidays is to track, and to focus on those I love, and the spirit of the holidays. And remember that food is JUST food. It is fuel. It is not the focus of everything unless I make it the focus of everything.

I hope to post some holiday recipes soon, and I hope you all remember yo celebrate the HoliYays. Love yourselves. Enjoy your non scale victories. Be present.

And if you are struggling, with food or with emotion, remember your squad. We are here for you, either in person or virtually.

Celebrate all the HoliYays.

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