I stayed the same this week. I do know that I used all my weeklies and ventured into my Fit Points, so chances are that had something to do with it, but I am genuinely ok with staying the same. Practice for maintenance.

In this week’s workshop, we talked about strategies to keep us on plan, like organization of our kitchen and pantry, and planning for the grocery store, and of course meal planning and prep. Since I didn’t post about prep yesterday, it ties into my plan for the week.

Here is the breakdown for this week:

For breakfasts, I made Apple Stuffed French Toast from the WW 100 Slowcooker Cookbook. It is 6 Smart Points (on green).

My husband got Everything Bagels, made with 2 Ingredient dough.

I prepped a batch of eggs in the Instant Pot using the 5-5-5 method (manual for 5 mins, natural release for 5, and the 5 mins in an ice bath).

For lunches, I am planning on fried chicken salads, and made a batch of air fried chicken tenders and slaw.

The chicken came to 5 Smart Points per serving (5 servings) on Green. The slaw is 1.

For dinners this week, we are having meatball subs, baked ziti, and fish tacos. The slaw will do double time for the fish tacos. I made turkey meatballs and zero point marinera for the subs.

And I made my hubby a batch of chicken noodle soup for his lunches.

I pre-bagged 3sp servings of brownie brittle as well for snacks.

My goals for last week were to walk 24 miles. I did 25. I drank 72oz of water each day.

This week my goals are to walk 25 miles, and stay within weeklies (or not use any of I can) and get 6 Blue Dots.

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