Today was a big meal prep day! I am so glad I have switched up meal prep days to Saturdays! It gives me my Sunday to relax!

Here is this week’s meal plan.

This week, I planned dishes that get better when they sit, so I actually made them ahead of time!


Breakfasts: Breakfast Quesadillas (see my my previous post. (7sp)

Lunches: The Skinnyish Dish Greek Chicken Bowls but subbed riced cauliflower for white rice.

My husband will have beef stew this week for lunches, so I made a big pot of that.


Sunday Night and Wednesday Night we are having Instant Pot Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya from the WW 100 Slow Cooker & Instant Pot Recipes Cookbook I got with my WW rewards. This recipe is delicious and 7sp on Green, 6 on Blue and just 2 on Purple.

Monday Night, we are having Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala from the same cookbook. It is 3SP on all three plans. I made it today too, because it will be even better Monday!

We are having that with brown rice, so I went ahead and made it to have with a few more meals this week.

I prepped taco meat for Taco Tuesday and prepped those veggies.

I also prepped the veggies for stuffed pork chops, and chopped up cucumber and peppers for snacks.

I also made some desserts for this week, including cheesecake fluff (2c nonfat greek yogurt beaten with 1 package Sugar Free Cheesecake pudding mix) and “Ice Cream” sandwiches…which are 2 dark chocolate pizzelles and 2 tbsp of sugar free cool whip, put in the freezer. These are 3SP each.

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