I thought I would share a few of my favorite things we keep for easy snacks! These are all low point options!

First of all, we keep a ton of fruit around! Lately we have been loving grapefruit and we go through tons of bananas!

Another favorite option are these turkey snack sticks from Aldi’s. These are 1 Smart Point each and are delicious!

We also love these garlic and herb cheese wedges. 1 Smart Point per wedge or 3 for 2.

If you follow my Instagram (@beadoesww) you will know that I am a huge fan of rice cakes! A couple of these with some peanut butter powder helps tide me over!

Lately, one of my absolute FAVORITE things has been Brownie Brittle! This stuff is delicious, and the best part of the brownie (the crispy bits)!

Now, I will say that a whole open bag is a problem waiting to happen, so when I buy it, I measure it out. 1 ounce is 6 Smart Points, but half an ounce is only 3. I bag it up into half ounce servings and it is perfect when I need a little something sweet!

Another one of my latest obsessions is the buffalo flavored pretzel chips! I am a sucker for Buffalo wing stuff! 3sp per 28 grams. I also measure these out, otherwise I would eat the whole bag!

We always keep popcorn on hand. 1 tbsp of kernals unpopped is 1sp. I use my WW popcorn popper and 3tbsp is the perfect one serving snack! Love it with Everything But the Bagel seasoning!

We love these 4SP pastry crisps! These are great for my husband’s lunch. They taste like pop tarts.

These 70 calorie Fiber One bars are fantastic and only 2 Smart Points! I LOVE the cinnamon one heated up in the microwave for 30 seconds.

And finally, these WW Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie bars are my JAM. These are great when I am having a chocolate craving, and only 2sp! My favorite thing ever for a quick chocolate fix!

What are your favorite low point snacks?

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