Routine is the most important piece of my journey right now, and that means meal planning. I shopped from our very well stocked pantry and freezer to ensure we don’t get off track. Next week’s meal plan is set and ready! How are you dealing with your #coronacation2020 ?

I haven’t been feeling well (no, not #covid_19 ). We are self quarantined here. I am.proud to say that at least I put on a bra today. Anxiety is hard. Being sick is hard. Pandemics are hard.
I put on a bra today.

One week of being self quarantined with my husband has shown me how much he loves me.

I have learned to use Instacart (yes, I am old).
I have learned that meal planning is so important right now.
I have learned social distancing for me is not much different than most days. Except now I can’t run to my mom’s or go to the drug store.
I have learned that I have come a LONG way with Emotional eating
I have learned that when you wear pajamas for two days in a row, #leggingsarepants

I have learned I need my WW Workshop and Sunday squad more than ever. Thank you WW for switching to virtual workshops. I am proud to be a WW Coach in training.

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