I hope you are all doing ok during this mess, and being kind to yourselves!

I am immunocompromised so I have been utilizing Instacart for our grocery needs and grocery delivery has made me realize I may never go grocery shopping again!

I wanted to share my latest WW friendly haul with you to show you it is possible to shop and eat healthy right now, and showcase some of my WW staples.

With my Instacart Express Membership, I can shop from multiple stores, so today’s haul came from Aldi and Acme.

For drinks, I stock up at Aldi. They are super reasonable on prices and I never have a problem finding anything. While I generally use filtered water from the fridge, we always keep 2 cases for emergencies.

I love the Belle Vie Sparkling water in BlackBerry Cucumber for a bubbly treat.

Let’s talk about this Specially Select lunch meat from Aldi. The turkey is a STAPLE here. I always have it on hand. It tastes just carved off the bone and is Zero SmartPoints on all three plans. The Black Forrest Ham is yummy as well, and is 1 SmartPoint for 2 ounces. I also got my husband pastrami and cheese.

This 647 Bread is a must have here. The Italian is my favorite, but I also like the wheat. This is 1 SmartPoint per slice and tastes like regular bread. I got two loaves (all that was allowed!) And a loaf of potato bread for my hubby. It is available at Acme in our area.

Another staple is Sugar Free Pudding. I take it with a lactaid but it has really helped with my sweet tooth! Topped with Fat Free Reddi Whip for a 2 SmartPoint treat.

I picked up a pound of 96% lean ground beef for Beef Stroganoff next week, and some Stoneyfield Fat Free plain yogurt for some fruit.

And we got some tomatos for sandwiches!

I don’t know what these farms are feeding chickens, but these breasts are ginormous. Bob and I usually split one in a meal. I also plan on making some buffalo chicken salad for lunches next week.

I got a canteloup (I cut it up), berries, and pineapple. I plan on doing air fried pineapple tonight with our ham.

And I ordered brocolli, but got green beans. I don’t care but the dog will be sad. LOL

I got some bananas, but these were so bruised I went ahead and made my husband banana bread with them. He picked up some fresher ones on the way home.

Picked up a dozen eggs, and some oats for baked oatmeal. And I got some buttermilk for a cake my hubby asked me to make.

I also got some cucumbers (and forgot to take a pic) for snacks and lunches.

Whatever you need to do.to stay healthy physically and mentally, do it. Sending love from our home to yours.

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