My Switch To The WW Purple Plan and Quick Easy Quinoa Breakfast Bowls

My weight has been holding steady in a plateau for months. I mean months. Like, at least six months. I kept telling myself that my body had stabilized at around 190, and since I have lost about 160 pounds, maybe I was done. Excuses. And the quarantine hasn’t helped. I reviewed a lit of what […]

Hello Fresh Meal Number One….Mexican Street Corn and Pork Tacos

Our Hello Fresh order came today so we tried the Mexican Street Corn and Pork Tacos. This is super DUPER high in WW points but today was a planned cheat day. Same set up as Green Chef only theninner packaging was not recyclable. It is about $50 a box for 3 meals per week for […]

Routine and Meal Prep

Getting back to routine to keep myself sane duringthis pandemic. That means meal prep. Here is what I prepped for the week! Chocolate Baked Oatmeal (4sp on Blue and Green, 0sp on Purple but your mileage may vary so double check with recipe builder). This is super chocolatey and not super sweet! 2c rolled oats […]

Buffalo Chicken Flat Bread Pizza

I have always love a quick throw together lunch like a flat bread or english muffin pizza. It is easy and yummy and can usually be throw together from stuff you already have around, especially if you meal prep! I made some quick buffalo style shredded chicken breast this week. It was just boneless, skinless […]

Happy New Year, New Resolutions and Black Eyed Peas for Luck

Last year was the first year I made and kept a resolution. It was not to lose weight or fit into something. It was to get healthier and stay healthy. My mantra was not New Year New Me, but instead, New Year, Better Me. That resolution will hold for 2020. I want to continue to […]

Sheet Pan Philly Chicken Cheesesteak

Being from the Philly area, I am always hesitant when something is listed as a “Philly” cheesesteak, but when I saw this in the WW app, I thought it would be an easy meal to prep and it looked like it might be good. I was wrong. It wasn’t just good, it was amazing. Full […]