Green Chef Meal Number 2 Smokey Trout with Remoulade

This was the second meal from our Green Chef box and it was hands down amazing. This came to 12SP on WW Blue. It was absolutely delicious. Steal head trout with applewood smoke seasoning, topped with horseradish remoulade. It also had crispy green beans (delicious) and a cabbage and apple slaw with dried cranberries. I […]

Flounder Stuffed with Spinach and Goat Cheese

We caught two really good flounder yesterday! I learned how to clean them and filet them, and wanted to eat them while they were fresh, so I whipped up some flounder stuffed with spinach and goat cheese. It was absolutely delicious. Here is what you will need: 4 good sized flounder filets. 1 small onion, […]